Eating better – exercising more….

BUT….the weight still goes UP!!!

I put my swimsuit on this morning in preparation to going this morning and when I looked in the mirror I wasn’t repulsed by what I saw -my stomach is flatter my arms have got less of the bingo wings about them and legs don’t seems as dimpled.

I wish I had taken my measurements at the start because this might be have been more motivating than looking at the scales but I will continue on and keep on healthy eating.

Yesterday I went and did a big shop to get all I needed for the week and last night I made some fresh some – broccoli and stilton (OK not a diet one but Mum’s favourite and broccoli is a superfood)

I have also ordered a Diabetes Diet cookbook to give me some food ideas and also a diet diary so that I can write down everything I eat and these will be coming on Thursday. So February here I come – January has been a bit of disappointment

So the Charity wins again with another gain (how) this week 14 stone 11 1 1/14lb




Stress and food….

Not been a good week….

Have been having major problems with Apple and Talkmobile but more the former since they have decided that my phone won’t work because condensation has got into the case and this is my fault – I have had no network since before Christmas and have been backward and forward between both companies and then was told to take the phone to the Apple Store in Leeds…

A trip of an hour on the train and I finally found the place to be told I had to wait 3 hours to see a technician, there were so many people complaining about products. So I had to go away and since I am not a great shopper despite it being pay day I went to Giraffe the restaurant for lunch/tea. Pissed off I didn’t want anything healthy so chose nachos with guacamole, cheese and sourcream – it was a portion to share but I polished off the lot!

The Lindt store was next door so I went in to choose some chocolates – again not healthy food or something I should be eating with my diabetes, one thing though is that I did take them home to share. No joy with Apple so I went home and ate some more.

But I did go to the gym Sunday, went Swimming Tuesday and today Wednesday went to the gym again. Plus I have regularly taken the dogs out on their walks even at 6.30 in the morning – torch on head so that both the boys and I could see.

But exercise or no exercise has not countered the rubbish food and the bloated belly and swollen ankles show a gain of 2lb so nearly back to my start weight. I am still making my homemade soup for lunch and always eat a healthy breakfast its just when I get home…..going to have to take up knitting.

Charity gains £9 this week for me gaining

Weight 14 stone 10lbs eek!


Back to work and to the gym….

So nearly 2 weeks off work and even though not fully fit I couldn’t take any more of daytime TV so everyone has just got to get used to the very croaky voice.

Wasn’t hoping for miracles with the weigh-in yesterday as I still hadn’t done much exercise other than 2 dog walks at the end of the week, the dogs were glad to see normality and so was my bank balance as paying to have someone was affecting my health just as much.

I was expecting a stayed the same so was surprised when I lost a 1/4lb not much I know but better than.

Tonight (Wednesday) I had my induction at the gym in Skipton – it went well and I was surprised how much more mobile my shoulder is now.

Weight 14stone 8lb down 1/4lb umppphhhh …….

What’s happened?

This week has been horrible!

Really horrible!!

I have influenza and laryngitis which seems to be hanging around and has stopped me doing everything including going to work, taking the dogs out, go to the gym. I haven’t been eating regularly although I have been trying to eat healthily with homemade soup and at least having a breakfast.

So I don’t know how I have managed to PUT on weight this week when my food consumption has been less than most weeks – can only presume its the lack of exercise.  I am not going to take this to heart as still poorly and have to get my health OK before I start at the gym and swimming.

Weight this week 14 stone 8 1/4 UP  1 1/4lb




Critical first weigh in

None of us have feeling great over the New Year and I was the last one to get the bug but get it I did and do I feel monumentally crap – oh yes I do. Great start to the New Year. Own fault really as I was given the option of having a flu jab and didn’t as so many people I know had a reaction to it and up to them I hadn’t had a sniff of a cold!

So for the last couple of days I haven’t been eating much BUT I did buy a soup maker and do some lovely leek and potato soup which was healthy and warming. Great when you are not feeling well.

So you want to know what I weigh – last week 14 stone 12 1/2 pounds

This weeks 14 stone 7 pounds

A loss of 5 1/2lbs – woop woop a great start even though I am ill.

Had to cancel my Hydro jog on Tuesday as I felt so rubbish but have my induction at 6.30am tomorrow (after a 9pm shift) and then we will see how next week goes.